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Project Trapper is an ongoing program where Ngā Kaitiaki is dedicated towards setting up local whānau to trap possums, stoats  and rats within the Russell State Forest. Our short term goal is to get 3000 traps, baits, tramping gear, monitoring techniques,  and experienced trappers to train six teams to work on the ground in the Russell State Forest reactivating mana whenua for local hapū.


Project Maara Kai is about returning food sovereignty into the hands of whānau. With the average cost of living being extremely high there are definite benefits of growing your own food! In this project we are very limited for space so we will attempt to fully utilize this small area while aiming for a large yield  during these autumn and winter months.


Project Rongoā is assisting whānau to provide rongoā for their whānau as required.  ailments that affect many people everyday. Project Rongoā will also provide a sustainable platform for free rongoā services to those in need where all rongoā is ordained under karakia, tikanga and aroha.